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,, bargaining table... with holiday food shopping on the e to get it is still scary. we are hoping it will get resolved soon because the holidays are coming.
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>> back to the bargainipping table. with holiday food shopping on the horizon, the pressure to getting workers back on the job. >> new details about the down fall of the cia director, petreaus. what we are learning about the woman who revealed the other woman. good evening... i'm ann notarangel how that ticket under the wiper blades can be wiped away. good evening. a week of walking the piget lines, tonight, talks resumed with striking bay area grocery workers. it could not come at a more critical time with the food shopping season upon us. >> nob hill ... >> reporter: a week after they want on strike the two side is are back at the table. picket lines remain up but so do hopes. >> it is good news. i want my job back.
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i miss it. >> reporter: both sides agreed not to talk about it. on the union web site they said it is a positive thing. >> workers are committed to stay out here until they have a contract. if they can not compete with nonunion competitors, the proposal calls for a wage freeze, holding clerks at a top of $9 $-- $9.20 and elimination of holiday and weekend pay. >> they are talking right now t. it is still scary. we are hoping it is going to get resolved soon because the holidays are coming roersz the company is calling the benefit's package one of the best in the industry including pension and life insurance, death penaltial and vision coverage and 401k and the big sticking point, elimination of retirery benefits. what brought the sides back
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in the holiday shopping season may be one reason. >> this time of the year it is the worst time of the year. we don't want to lose our customers. >> reporter: meanwhile safeway stores reached a at the present timive agreement with the same union last thursday. >> i think it puts pressure on raley's the other stores have a contract. >> reporter: so, spirits are hire high with a return to the bargaining table, there is still a long way to go in this tough negotiation. back to you. >> in sacramento tonight, about a dozen workers began pickits the host hetsz -- picket the hostess plant. cuts wages by 8%. they are saying it could lead to layoffs. they employ threepeople. a powerful -- 300 people. a powerful aftershock. this quake was centered off shore 19 miles southwest of
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temerico. it comes days after the 7 passport 4 that killed 48 people and left thousands more homeless. it was the strongest earthquake to hit guatemala since 1976. it has been almost two weeks since hurricane sandy slammed into the atlantic coast. 120,000 homes and businesses are in the dark. the majority of them, estimated 100,000 people are on long is land. 19 -- long island. 17,000 are without power between new york and new jersey. on this day in celebrations in places that look like war zones. >> reporter: new york's veteran's day parade was a absolute to the recovery from sandy, at least in manhattan. >> i feel like i am back in vietnam. >> reporter: but 14 miles away in brooklyn, veteran danny smith walked to a gas line to wait for an hour for national
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guards man to give him 5 free gallons. without the gas for this tkpwepberateor you would be in trouble? >> i would not be able to charge a cell phone and that is a lifeline to the shurps companies and to the family who are trying to find out if you are okay. >> and no heat? >> no heat. >> reporter: in brooklyn's working class beach community all of the streets were flooded by the storm surge. two weeks later, nobody here has power. >> tough, scary. it is dark here at night with no lights. >> 1700 of the 2400 homes were damaged or destroyed and residents complain they have been forgotten in the city's recovery. smith showed us the neighborhood. >> he got wiped out. she got wiped out. they got wiped out. >> reporter: his cousin's house is wet and cold. >> the bathroom used to be over here. >> reporter: and insurance inspectors have yet to survey the damage of floodwater in the basement. >> reporter: in this close
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knit multigenerational community many families lost many things but smith salvaged something special. letters he wrote to his mother from vietnam. >> how can you put on a price tag on that. >> gutted and depressing. it this family has lived here for 42 years. they say they want to rebuild. they are still waiting for an insurance adjustor and for the power to be turned back on. back to you. >> here in the bay area multiple events honoring vets. san jose, one of the many parades,th annual parade. -- 94th annual parade. considered one of the biggest. this morning before the parade headed down-market street. in castro valley, veterans monument, years in the making was dedicated at memorial park. it honors service members from
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all of the military branches. >> new details on the scandal involves the resignation of the head of the cia. dianne feinstein, house of the the senate committee says the fbi did not tell the committee it was investigating him and his a fair with his biographer. >> this is something that could of had an effect on national security. i think we should have been told. there is a way to do it. that is to inform the chairs of both committees. >> a florida woman complained about threatening e-mails. kelly says she has been friends with the petr ark eus for
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years. tonight she is -- petraus for years. tonight she is doing for privacy. now, democrats hold the senate. >> there is a buzz not up like 6th graders home alone on a friday night we are going to raise every tax and then burn down the house. >> reporter: the state senator assured us that was not the case this morning but with the super majority in sacramento democrats can soon pass bills and a mend the constitution without a single republican vote. >> now, we have addition and subtraction on the table. we can do our job. less dysfunction. >> it is tough to maintain a two thirds coalition when there are differences. some from the central valley and some from the coast. >> you have to be clevor and you have to be cold blooded. >> former house speaker, brown, has advice, find your own
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minimajorrity. >> don't stay within the party. go look for those 5 republicans who were mistreated by their leadership when they were in charge and they can now, obviously, gain favors. >> reporter: the chairman of the republican party says conservative leaders will be spectators over the next two years. >> more jobs lost, the economy down in who years, people will want answers. republicans notom need to have the answers but they need to spend the time in the districts today. >> as for the governor, his own party now has the ability to override his vetoes and the ability to raise taxes on their own. >> i voted for it. the only way to raise a tax is ask the people. >> leno said they will close the loopholes and the focus is is not on increasing taxes, republicans call that a bluff. >> the first tax increase, the next tax increase is never the last tax increase. the last time california had a super majority was back in tphaep33 and that time it was the republicans in power.
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the new legislators will be sworn in on december 1st. berkeley's measure is still counted tonight. now t shows that it is losing. 5 days after the election measure s trailed by about 1400 votes. it would outlaw people sitting on the lawn during business hours. measure t, allowing taller buildings in berkeley is losing by 400 votes. a dramatic rescue. 20-year-old woman, 1-year-old boy and two dogs were pulled from a burning duplex at 10:00 last night. the investigators say the fire started in an outside garbage can it started outside of the house. tonight, an indianapolis neighborhood is a rueip. five homes destroyed and -- ruin. five homes destroyed and dozens damaged from a huge explosion that killed two people. it was felt three miles away
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and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people. it could take weeks to determine the cause. the two people who died are believed to be a 2nd grade teacher and her husband. several blocks of rodeo drive in beverly hills were empty this afternoon by a bomb threat. an employee found a suspicious box at the front door. attached to the package was a message. it is being investigated as a hate crime. allusive and expensive. the frustration in finding legal parking and the aggravation of being ticketed. why it might be worth the effort to fight. a vigil for a lost friend tonight. the mystery behind the discovery of a missing man. first, it was the cool weather and now it is -- it is rain. and the days thank you will need yourum pwrepl laas eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. -- and the days that you will
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need your umbrella, eyewitness news continues. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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getting a parking ticket cae exasperating -- and expensi. cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts on why it mighte worth your time to fight it. ts) parking.. cbs 5 consumer watch reporter why it might be worth
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your time to fight it. >> parking. everyone is afraid of red zones. >> reporter: it could be a real pain, heck he wrote a book about it. >> i am noticing lately. you have to be afraid of the meter person not knowing the rules and giving you a ticket. >> reporter: if you get a ticket you don't deserve instead of blaming the officer you may want to blame the confusing sign. >> can i park here or not? >> nope. >> another sign up there. you have to be careful about every sign. >> reporter: this man got a tick net san francisco in a spot he thought would be legal. >> i got a ticket here. >> he saw the lines painted on the street. it is is what he did not see. >> hooked all over to see -- looked all over to see i don't know how i missed the sign. >> it is behind trees. >> i am waiting for had them to come back and say you are wrop. >> reporter: odds are that is what will happen for his
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initial dispute. last year 70% of drivers who disputed their ticket were told they still had to pay. >> now serving 802. >> reporter: until, that is, they disputed their ticket a second time. that is is when san francisco changed its mind and through out the citation for more than 50% of those who took the time to come back and plead their case again in person. turns out it pays to be persist apt. >> i have been here less than an hour, i resolved the issue. >> in san jose, 75% of the disputes were rejected last year, the city only changed its mind a little over 10% of the time on 2nd and 3rd appeals combined. back in san francisco, the city makes no excuses for why so many seamingly valid appeals are are rejected the first time around. >> it is a big waste of time. e specially if it was not my fault. if it is my fault i pay the ticket, that is it. >> there is a white mark. that is a valid spot.
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>> they removed the meter and replaced by that sign. >> reporter: so many confusing spots in san francisco it may be hard to tell if it is your fault or not. >> read every sign. a new transit septer and housing development. more than 500 residents and a train station will be part of the first phase of a larger project for retail housing and transportation on the city's western edge. they credit the improving economy for pushing the project forward. all right, we have the forecast now, keep in mind we are going to need our umbrellas. >> and everyone was talking about the cold temperatures. 32 degrees in napa and tonight, not as cold due to the influx of increasing high clouds. this is the scene right now at the airport. sporting 45 degrees after a
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high there today of 64. it is carpenterly 42 in livermore only make -- currently 42 in livermore. only making it to 45. last night, 32 to 35 in sanoma and napa you will feel the difference. 44 in mountain view and 38 degrees overnight and throughout livermore. we do see clouds on the approach. it tell become partly cloudy overnight. tomorrow, partly to mostly cloudy. cloudy, tpogt of the golden gate bridge. first thing is first. out the door tomorrow morning, consider it chilly in the 30s and the 40s especially if the kids have to catch the bus make sure they have their jackets. this right here the area of low pressure. notice the rain turns to sleet and snow over the mountain range. now we are seeing rain develop around the north western section of the state of california. for the most part this thing is
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just sideswiping the northern half of california. we only have a chance of rain showers tomorrow night. now, meanwhile, take a look at this. this is not really playing up the cloud cover. rather it plays it down. monday, 1:00 in the afternoon, clouds are still north of the golden gate bridge. i believe it is under playing it all. we will see clouds drifting in. it will be raining eurecka. 50s and 60ss common around the beaches, winds northwest, 5-10. flat for the most part. middle 60ss. so, warmer with that cloud deck acting like a pwhraeufrpget keeping it on the mild side. 62. and in walnut creek, also in the low 60s, 63 degrees, pretty close to normal in santa rosa. 60 in san francisco, 4 degrees below average. so, once this area of low pressure passes through on monday night we have is partly sunny conditions on tuesday.
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yet, another impulse on wednesday, cloud cover. and then daily chances. of you needing that umbrella. very interesting weather pat stphaoerpb there it is. appreciate it. >> remembering military brides this veteran's day. how one shop hopperred their sacrifice. -- honored their sacrifice. the raiders story and the 49ers story. joining us in studio, jesse, what do you have have in common with tony bennett? >> tony bennett, left his heart in san francisco, i gave my heart in san francisco. >> exactly. almost a literal wraeu. we will tell you about had his amazing story and why he is in studio tonight. coming up in game day in a couple of minutes ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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family gather tonight for solace... and to look for answers about a murder. they held a candlelight vigil in hayward in new at 11:00. friends and family gathered for solice and looking for answers about a murder. holding a vigil in memory of 9- year-old claros. his body was found inside of an a band oned auto shop. 10 days after he -- abandoned auto shop 10 days after he disappeared. they are treating the case as a homicide. checking headlines. the mother accused of using her 10-year-old daughter to shoplift couldepter a plea on tuesday. she left her daughter at a morgan hills safeway in september and then abandoned her when the police caught the girl. she told the authorities she
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suffered from mental illness. two woman died after a caretaker made soup with wild mushrooms. args phopg those being treated is a woman in her 90s. they are calling the deaths ank. tomorrow marks the send of the wildfire season for much of the south bay and east bay. cooler temperatures and rain this past week reduced wildfire danger. it ends the bay area burn suspension that has been in effect since may 25th: bond is back. how effectively he eliminated his competition at the box office. dorothy's tkrets dress goes on the auction block. what one person paid to own it ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"skyfall," had a sky-high us premiere this weekend. the d installment, starring daniel the latest james bond movie "skyfall" had a sky high premiere. the third installment outgrossed the predecessors. the animated comedy "wreck it ralph" was $33 million. well, one of the most
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famous costumes in movie history fetched top dollar at an auction in beverly hills this weekend. the faded blue dress worn by judy garland sold for $480,000. steve mcqueens racing jacket $50,000, a gold outfit by marilyn monroe and christopher reeves sup iser man costume were put up to bid. brides braved the cold to get a free wedding dress. they were at one of the bridal shops taking part in the annual bribessa across the give away. the store offers free gowns to bride's who fiancees have been or will be deployed overseas. since it start inside 2000 seven they give away 8,000 wedding gowns. we'll be right back.
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